8 Web Development Trends for 2018

8 Web Development Trends for 2018

Since its implementation, the internet has continued to evolve. In its early days, Mosaic and Netscape Navigator helped to democratize it, and since then each new year brought new concepts, new ideas, and trends, sometimes good, sometimes bad. One of the lessons of...
10 Key Email Marketing Trends 2018

10 Key Email Marketing Trends 2018

What does 2018 hold for email marketing? When the Email marketing and digital trends for 2018 are discussed. Ross Sibbald from Striata urges you to ask yourself the question: “Am I implementing these in my overall marketing strategy and do they help get me to my...

Sharada, Global Trade Shield Sdn Bhd.

“I had to revamp my website and get it hosted on a new server. Team Chakra Suria helped me make the transition with ease. My website has been revamped and now they have supported me with the right training....

Pat Foo, Triserve Sdn Bhd. Company Secretarial Firm

“Team Chakra Suria does work without much fuss or hassle. From Domain renewal services to web revamp, I had no stress or worries when it came to sorting things out. Work was done quickly and to my expectations. If you are looking to go online with a quick easy...
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