People are becoming more and more dependent on technology, and it’s getting faster and faster. An expert from U.T. Arlington gave us a glimpse of what the future will hold.

Professor George Seimens, executive director of Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge (LINK) Lab at the UT Arlington explained what the future holds when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots replacing human workers, “It’s up for grabs how individuals are trying to define it so for the last four to five years I ‘ve heard predictions on job automation that can impact as low as 10 to 15 percent of the economy, to as high as 50 percent of the economy. And these are jobs that over the next 10 to 15 years will be automated through some AI technologies or some type of robotics.”

When asked how he feels about the future, Seimes said even though he feels optimistic about the future, and he believes that AI can really unleash human creativity and potential to help, on the other, hand there is a potential danger that AI may go against the humans. “That’s a little extreme but still the idea is that  even the greatest individuals, researchers, and entrepreneurs in the space are unclear of what the long-term effect would be,” he said.

Seimes explained,”We need to have an urgent conversation now around what is AI and to what degree do we want to walk the AI pathway. And there are organizations like Google that actively plan, can we have a shutoff switch. … Are there ways that we can shut the whole operation down. There are projects like open AI that Elon Musk and others have initiated that had the same focus. Can we use it as a way of human intervention to shut down the operation when it gets out of hand.”

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